About OlmorsMartin

My name is Martin Martinsson. Some 20 years ago my wife and I
moved back to the old family farm in Sörböle, Attmar, Sweden where I grew up.

The name OlmorsMartin comes from my great great grandfather Olof Mårtensson,
who bought the farm 1854. The farm is called Olmors after him.
OlmorsMartin is the Martin living on the farm.

The pictures shown on this website come from my grandfather's and aunt's photo albums.
Unfortunately nothing has been written telling us the names of the people on the pictures.
Please send any additional information you have to my E-mail: martin(at)olmorsmartin.se

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Take your time, there are about 130 pictures to look at.


Klingspetsens Sigge
Klingspetsens Sigge
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